Scotland: Castles, Climbing, and Harry Potter

Scotland – my first weekend trip of the month. Three days in Edinburgh, Scotland were unlike any experience I have ever had before. I was excited for the weekend, but I was not prepared for just how taken I would be with the gorgeous countryside. I must admit I was less than excited to learn that part of our touring of Edinburgh would be done through a coach bus window. But, surprisingly, this gave us the opportunity to view so much of Scotland’s beauty in one day.

My days in London have been a dream. However, a weekend out of the city was a breath of fresh air. The beautiful countryside filled with horses and rolling hills of green made me thankful for the beauty of Kentucky, as well.

Our jam-packed weekend began early Friday morning with a five-hour train ride from King’s Cross Station in London into Edinburgh. We toured all day through the cities and countryside of Edinburgh. We stopped for delicious fish and chips and souvenirs along the way.

After a dinner and touring of our rooms at the University of Edinburgh, we made the decision to conquer the 6 mile climb of the hill Arthur’s Seat. It is the main peak of the group of hills in Holyrood Park in Edinburgh. Robert Louis Stevenson (born and raised in Edinburgh) described Arthur’s Seat as “a hill for magnitude, a mountain in virtue of its bold design.” I don’t disagree!

The next day, we took off to tour Edinburgh Castle. The beauty of the medieval architecture from centuries past was astounding. We strolled down the Royal Mile and Victoria Street, which is full of authentic shops, stores, restaurants. One of these being The Elephant House, the coffee house where J.K. Rowling began to write the first Harry Potter book!!! We ended the day with fish and chips for dinner at a Scottish pub.

On our last day, we hopped back on the coach and drove two hours south to Alnwick, England (pronounced An-ick). Here, we toured the massive Alnwick Castle, home to the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland. The best part of the day was learning that the courtyard and guest rooms of the castle were used in filming the first Harry Potter movie!


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This weekend was peaceful, sweet, and full of adventure. Thank you, Jesus, for instilling in me a spirit and love for travel and seeing Your creation! I’ll be back, Scotland!


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