LONDON (First Four Days)

This weekend was a whirlwind. Pinch me! Is this real life? I’ve conquered a lot in the last 96 hours, and lots of sleep is not one of those things. Nearly 12 hours of flying from Louisville to Chicago to Heathrow Airport, London. It’s 1:36am here in London – 8:36pm at home – and my body is finally beginning to understand what time it is.

I am in a dorm right in the heart of the London Borough of Southwark. On my 8 minute walk to class, I get to explore the streets of this gorgeous city and pass dozens of cozy coffee shops and sweet bakeries. I have tried out a couple of these but I can’t wait to try more (priorities, people).

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On our first day in London we toured the Waterloo district, attempted to navigate the Tube, and (despite our lack of sleep after 12 hours of flying) stopped by our first pub for chips and drinks. Incredible + delicious.

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On Sunday CCSA took us to tea! Made me feel like royal-tea (sorry, I’m cheesy). After, we walked to visit Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace. Incredible!!! Absolutely wow. Breathtaking. We strolled through Trafalgar Square for coffee. We ended the day by taking the Tube up to Tower Bridge for a yummy dinner. As a group, we collectively ate Europe out of pizza and pasta. Delicious dinner and even better company.

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Yesterday was my favorite day so far! First on the agenda: my first class at King’s College. I am studying journalism and media relations around the world. We will be taking trips to a wide variety of locations around England. From the London Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising to the Manchester United Football Stadium. I can’t wait for these adventures! Next, Borough Market. This unique corner of London is full of authentic food and rich in European culture. European cheeses and wines, herbs and spices, beers and delicious food, all sold within feet of each other. I tried a Spanish spinach and ricotta empanada and beer (pictured below!) yum!!! We strolled around the South Bank, grabbed some burgers for dinner (American grease is good for the soul), then made our way to Covent Garden. Good thing we did! This has been my favorite area of London so far. Designer shops, beautiful storefronts and architecture, delicious food (GELATO! See photos!), and theaters. We have yet to make it to the theatre, but with tickets at only forty pounds a show, I won’t pass that up.

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Today! Cooler weather and notorious London rain, but that did not slow us down. I started the day with coffee at my current favorite coffee stop closest to our dorm. After lunch, we browsed Soho and Oxford Circus. We ended our day with the London Eye. The prettiest place the view the city. A place to pause and allow the beauty of this city to sink in.

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I’m eating lots of European cuisine and drinking some wine and loving every second! This adventure keeps getting sweeter!!!




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